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SSWSC Plans to Mitigate Effects of COVID-19/Coronavirus

By Herb Williams, General Manager


First and foremost, we hope and pray that all of our Members, customers, and their families remain in good health, and that those who may be ill or not feeling well recover as quickly as possible.


We at S.S. Water want to assure everyone that we are proactively taking steps to not only ensure our workforce remains ready to serve our Membership, but to also ensure that the provision of potable water continues as normal.  To that end, we are leveraging the resources of a state-level organization, the Texas Rural Water Association, and are engaging with neighboring water utilities to share resources as needed; all to ensure uninterrupted service.  But, we still need everyone’s help with implementing certain preventative measures.


For everyone’s protection, we have temporarily suspended in-person customer service at our office.  But, we have a number of other ways available for you to conduct business with S.S. Water.  These include:


  1. Paying through your bank with its bill pay system
  2. Creating an auto-payment profile online at sswater.net
  3. Paying one-time online at sswater.net
  4. Pay by phone by calling (830) 253-2236
  5. Mailing in your bill
  6. Using the Drive-thru lane or Night Drop Box

We continue to be available via phone and email, and all emergency calls will be answered.  Transfers, new installs, and other like business should be conducted via email to the greatest extent possible, but if in-person appointments are required, they will be done on a case-by-case basis and by appointment only.  All forms are available online, and can be emailed to customer.service@sswater.net.


We also need our Membership to conserve water as much as possible.  We understand that this could inconvenience a number of our Members who are in the midst of preparing for summer activities, but we ask that you limit your water use to the greatest extent possible.  It is imperative that we limit our water use system-wide, because increased water use can more quickly deplete the chemicals we depend on to treat our water.  We strive to ensure that we have a four to six-week supply of water treatment chemicals on hand at all times, and are actively looking to increase our stockpiles of these chemicals.  However, your conservation efforts now will greatly aid us in this effort.


Again, we are asking our Membership to be very judicious with water use.  While we all hope that this situation resolves itself sooner rather than later, we must do what we can now to ensure that our ability to provide our Membership with the potable water they expect is not diminished.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.



Herb Williams